• Dramatic theme park effects include rolling fog, smoke, tropical landscape, waterfalls, pools, fountains, and thrill rides
  • Integrated fog effects with sensational results include fire, specialty lighting, volcano steam, vents, and geysers
  • Commercial UL listed pumps provide high quality with very low maintenance
  • Increased comfort for visitors, spectators, and out door environments

MISTSCAPING® Mistscaping is a unique and effective method of enhancing any outdoor environment, landscape, or water feature with the use of fog. Developed by Fogco, the Mistscaping concept can be easily integrated into an existing or new project. Due to the evaporative capabilities of the fog, Mistscaping will also provide residual cooling wherever the system is installed.

Fogco offers a broad variety of fittings, nozzles, and high pressure lines to create just the right environment for any commercial or industrial application. Due to the method used to integrate the system, there are no structural restrictions as with most overhead fog systems. High quality products and flexible system design are paramount when designing unique features to attract customers. The Fogco design team can assist in the initial designing and specification for any Mistscaping project.

CUSTOM EFFECTS Fogco’s expansive product line offers many different solutions to automating fog effects. Fog can be in sync with lighting, music, fountain effects, theatrical animation, etc. The slow speed pulley driven pump range can be designed to operate with low voltage controls allowing for the use of most standard timers or controllers. This helps reduce product and installation costs for the system.

Fogco also offers custom robotic welded stainless steel fog lines, custom soldered copper fog lines with custom machined components, and a variety of fittings for use with our flexible nylon fog line. Create dense billowing cumulus clouds or a light morning mist; dragon’s breath or exhaust from a space ship; gorillas in the mist or atmosphere for butterflies. The results are only limited by ones imagination. Impact your presentation with fog.

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