The Heart Of The System — The Fog Pump
The integration of a Fogco climate control system begins with the means to create the fog. This is accomplished with the use of our enclosed and fully integrated pulley driven 1000 psi high pressure fog pump. Pump sizes range from as small as ¼ gallon per minute to over 25 gallons per minute. The design can be as simple or complex as the project requirements dictate. The units can be designed to operate on any single or 3 phase power supply and can include the use of low voltage AC system controls. If appropriate, remote control options can also be incorporated. Common components will include solenoid valves, zone valves, electric drain valves, relays, contactors, transformers, pressure and flow safety switches, and integrated system control capabilities.

The Distribution Of The Fog
The Fogco climate control system will also require the means of distributing the fog. The distribution can be accomplished through the use of traditional tubing, fittings, and specialty fog nozzles. The tubing is available in flexible nylon and slip lok fittings; soldered copper tubing; or welded stainless steel and includes sizes from ¼” to ½”.

The Latest Innovation
In an attempt to constantly improve our products and their performance, Fogco is proud to introduce the patent pending Revolution Series; a new and unique method of effective distribution of the fog. The Revolution is the first in a series of products from our Desert Fog Climate Control System product range and is ideal for any evaporative cooling and humidification project.

Integrated Climate Control System
The Revolution was developed to provide a means of producing better coverage and more effective performance from a mist system. By integrating a focused air stream directly into the fog, the water droplets cover more cubic feet and are able to cool, humidify, or scrub up to 5 times the amount of air of a static line system.

Traditional Vertical Fan Performance versus the Revolution®
There are a few key differences between a typical vertical fan and the horizontal design of the Revolution. First, a vertical fan provides a focused stream of air approximately 25 degrees wide. Similar to a flashlight, it can only cover a very narrow range. If the fan oscillates (to try to minimize the effect of providing a focused stream), the air stream continues to move and cannot effectively maintain cooling or humidification in a specific area. The Revolution, however, is designed to provide 360 degree airflow. Similar to a flood light, it can cover a larger area while maintaining consistent results.

The second main difference between a vertical fan and the Revolution is the actual spray patterns created. A vertical fan pushes a concentrated column of air in a specific direction. This creates heavy turbulence within the air stream. When fitted with a fog system, the resulting spray will collapse within the column leading to excessive fallout, diminished cooling or humidification, and a less effective use of the water. Because the Revolution disperses the air stream (and the fog along with it) on a 360 degree plane around the perimeter of the unit and parallel to the ground, the spray from each nozzle is carried in a different direction creating a much more effective distribution of the fog and preventing the spray from one nozzle from interfering with another. This ensures a more complete absorption of the water into the surrounding air and better results from the fog system.

There are other benefits to the concept of using a Revolution versus a typical vertical fan. The Revolution is more efficient in the manner in which it operates so it does not require the extreme air movement of most vertical fans. This makes the Revolution much smaller, quieter, and it consumes less energy to accomplish improved performance. Because of the characteristics of the fan, it can be placed in locations with limited height and still provide complete evaporation of the fog.

The Revolution is designed to be hung from the ceiling. It can be used in place of a typical ceiling fan or it can be mounted from any overhead structure. The Revolution will also allow for portable applications by mounting it on the custom designed Revolution stand. This will provide the required height while allowing the unit to be moved from location to location as may be needed. The Revolution includes a 50Hz/60Hz motor and is available in 110V or 220V.

For significant improvements in the performance of any climate control system, contact the Fogco Customer Service Department for system consultation and design assistance.

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