• Ensures proper EMC levels
  • Reduce static electricity
  • Maintain ideal moisture content
  • Maximize product stability & handling
  • Reduce incidence of dust fires
  • Reduce evaporation

There are many commercial and industrial applications where artificially controlling humidity levels can provide a significant improvement to the overall operation.

PAPER PRODUCTION AND STORAGE FACILITIES benefit from a controlled environment. Because paper products can readily gain and lose moisture, a constantly controlled humidity level is critical to consistent and improved quality in the end product.

One factor that improves the operation and quality of products produced in the WOODWORKING INDUSTRY is to properly maintain the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). Maintaining a stable EMC will minimize moisture content changes during servicing. This will effectively eliminate many quality issues associated with woodworking.

With TEXTILE OPERATION, properly maintained humidity levels, usually between 50% and 65%, will result in improved quality and minimal downtime or rejections. As an added benefit, a Fogco Humidification System also helps to control 'cotton fly' and residual airborne lint.

In WINE STORAGE applications, increasing the relative humidity can dramatically reduce the evaporation of wine through the oak barrels. Like other industrial applications, by specifically setting and maintaining humidity, temperature, and air exchange standards for the operation, overall profitability is enhanced.

In GREENHOUSE applications, productivity is dependent on many factors. Using a Fogco system can help maintain lower temperatures and higher humidity levels thereby promoting increased health and productivity by eliminating ‘plant water stress’. Since plants loose their moisture and gain the by controlling the climate, the results are stronger and healthier plants with improved growth potential. The Fogco system can also be used to effectively distribute fertilizers and nutrients directly into the atmosphere where they are immediately absorbed by the plant.

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